1/2 Queens: Elizabeth Woodville 

Elizabeth Woodville was born in 1437 into a house of solid supporters of Lancaster. Her first husband died in battle, leaving her with two young sons. Elizabeth met King Edward and the two fell in love immediately. They wed secretly, and when Edward announced the marriage to his court it caused uproar. Elizabeth was a commoner – the first to take the giant leap upwards to marry royalty. Elizabeth had to escape into sanctuary many times, and when her husband died, she plotted to keep her family safe and vowed to put her daughter, the Princess of York, on the throne. Her daughter married Henry Tudor and became Queen of England. She dealt with her two young sons disappearance, plots and rumours against her, and years of confinement. She died with the satisfaction of her daughter on the throne and the Prince of Wales as her grandson - who would lead on to become the infamous Henry VIII, King of England.



Heir of Fire | Manon Blackbeak (spoilery!) 

“Each of the scars, the chipped teeth and broken claws, the mutilated tail—­they ­weren’t the markings of a victim. Oh, no. They ­were the trophies of a survivor. Abraxos was a warrior who’d had all the odds stacked against him and survived. Learned from it. Triumphed.” 

Obsessed with this.